Get to know Magnus

Hi All! I am Magnus, a Certified Athletic Trainer, a loving husband, and a pawrent to a not so mini Bernedoodle (Leo).

I am have been fortunate to travel many parts of the world and experience some amazing cultures and traditions. I love a good Shawarma and am a sucker for rich and creamy ice cream. I have my hobbies which I try to get in as much as I can throughout Calgary's short but super sweet summers. You can find me golfing, frisbee golfing, fishing, playing tennis, hiking, and at the gym lifting weights. I run occasionally as well but that I find is a big time commitment so I reserve that for the in-between seasons.

I've been an avid fitness enthusiast and multi-sport athlete since I was 6 or 7. I started off playing soccer and racket sports and find those skills transferable to all the activities I chose to partake in now.

I got into training people as a University student while doing injury rehab and strength and conditioning with athletes. I believe everyone is an athlete but of different levels and I chose exercises and develop programs with that in mind.

You can count on me to drop tons of knowledge on you with sets, reps, volume, and intensity as I love to educate my clients on the process. I believe that knowing why you are doing what you are doing gives it purpose and there is more buy-in with the habit-formation.

Let's take your fitness to the next level and achieve greatness together!

My Mission

I want people to feel empowered! Health & Wellness is in each individual's hands. I promise to educate and inspire you so that you can be the best version of yourself. I take my work very seriously and I want you to achieve your results. I want you to want it more than I do. All my clients are serious about their fitness goals and turn to me for the accountability and expertise in developing programs that target the right amount of volume and even more so the right amount of recovery. I will crunch the numbers. I will study the science. I will understand the physiology. I just need you to do the fun part-

do the work and see amazing results!